#ManagementSoftwareApplication for organic farming !


The application that aggregates publicly available data( Big Data-eg: Eurostats ) and helps farmers accelerate their knowledge about agroecology( in terms of strategies, know-how and certified practices ), gives a step by step guidance on all the farming processes ( from initial investment to actual profit ) and also helps them measure and manage their business !

The application enables the BiO(organic) #farmer to :

  • accelerate his knowledge of agro-ecology in terms of know-how and certified practices(strategies) through a step by step guidance
  • choose the right crop rotation strategy in order to make use of his local resources to maximize income potential/plot/crop
  • learn to focus on that one metric that matters at the right time( diversify or increase productivity vs expand )
  • make use of the designed structure to search and find the right business model in order to use a learn/practice routine a farmer needs to make $